EK-FC670 Water block

Looking to WC my EVGA GTX 670SC short board and need feedback on the best blocks.
Will be cooled along with a I5 2500K in a dual Rad loop and a D5 pushing the water.
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  1. You have caught my interest, yes very much so :evil:

    So could you explain in greater detail what you mean by a dual rad setup?
  2. Very simple I use 2 radiators in series one at the top of my case and one in the front.
    Flow starts at the Pump Reservoir going into the 200mm rad then up to the 360mm rad and then though the CPU block back to the res.

  3. OH i was seeing somthing like this

  4. Try explaining that in greater detail.
  5. I have a whole thread dedicated to that already

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