Computer that can play aion on high settings for 800-900 dollers

Hi guys am new to these forums but i heard you guys are the best now i have an old a706n hp pavilion nd well i had some upgrades made to it better graphic card nd ram nd stuff but it still cant play games lyk aion on even low settings! so this summer my parents are ready to invest 800-900 dollers on a neww computer for my birthday nd well they told me its better if i built my own :) but i didnt now wat parts i should get to be able to play aion on high settings no lag at all i also needed a new monitor due to the fact tht the monitor i have now is super old not even a flat LCD screen :non: nd mouse keyboard nd OS nd speakers everything included for 800-900 dollers i kno its hard to find a build tht cheap with all tht stuff but if you could help me i would appreciate it alot thanks in advnace..
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  1. $841 AR off USA
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