Computer Powers Off & Back On Randomly

These are the specs of the system:

antec three hundred case
i5-750 cpu
4gb ripjaws ddr3 ram
asus p7p55d evo mobo
corsair 750w psu
xfx ati 4850 gpu
hitachi deskstar 1tb sata 7200rpm hdd
freezer pro 7 rev2 cpu cooler

I over clocked the cpu to 3.6ghz and ran prime95 and besides some higher temps, the system was stable, so I kept it that way.

What happens is that regardless of what I'm doing, about 35+ minutes into using my newly built pc, the computer will just power off and then 3 seconds later, power back on, going through the bios and back through windows 7 start up again, etc.

Can anyone tell me what might be the problem? Every component is new, and from what I can tell, nothing is faulty, the ram, psu, gpu and processor are all new and were installed correctly.

The only thing I can think of is maybe psu wiring? I just plug in what fit, is there something else I'm supposed to be doing in terms of power?

Some help would be appreciated, thanks.
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  1. First thing i would do is set it all back to stock and then try it out,

    If you still have problems read this

    Make sure you have all the new drivers updates bios for your hardware / OS
  2. I will try all that out, thanks.
  3. Okay, updates:

    Windows Memory Tester - RAM tested to have no problems
    BIOS - Update to the most recent BIOS from March 2010
    CPU - Downclocked to factory, ran, no problems

    Now I have overclocked the processor to 3.7ghz and it ran stable last night, but I'll keep you guys posted. Temps are a problem, the Artic Cooler isn't as great as everyone in the reviews claimed, so if anyone knows of an excellent cooler for socket 1156 or can help me with selecting water cooling, let me know please.
  4. I'm actually having the exact same problem with an i7 930 on a Gigabyte X58 board with a Sapphire 5670, all of them running at stock speeds. Temperature doesn't seem to be the cause, but one thing I noticed last night is that this only seems to happen when I have the ATI drivers working. It runs indefinitely either in safe mode or with generic VGA drivers.

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