What RAM should I buy? Corsair vs Patriot vs Mushkin vs G.Skill

Hello everyone, I need help to decide which of these RAM options to buy. I want to know which one you think is the most reliable and the one that will work out of the box without any DOA sticks.

1) Corsair Dominator 6 Gb DDR3

2) Patriot Viper Series 6 Gb DDR3

3) G.Skill Ripjaws 6 Gb

4) Mushkin 6 Gb

If I get any DOA sticks I may not be able to ask for a change, so I want to know which of these models and brands you think is less probable to come DOA.

Thanks in advance!
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    I'm using ripjaws right now mixed with some old micron. Any of those brands will work fine. Corsair is my first choice, but go for value and warranty in your local.
  2. Mushkin all the way. Best warranty on the market. Lifetime warranty no matter what voltages, timings, etc you run through it. Performance is also consistently top-tier among benchmark tests. I've been running 6 GB of Mushkin DDR3 1600 in my rig for over a year now with no drama whatsoever. I've had buddies who've run Corsair Dominator RAM that's failed on arrival and a couple months afterwards. I'd stay away from them. I like Patriot, in fact I run Patriot memory in my HP Mini 311. I don't have any experience with G.Skill but I've heard nothing but good things about them.
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