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My old WinXP Pro pc suffered a hard drive failure. I replaced the hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP Pro but then discovered I no longer had the various drivers for the Gigabyte GA-8SIMLH motherboard. I managed to source these from the Gigabyte site and reinstalled them. However, when I try to reinstall the software for the Radeon 9250 videocard from its CD I keep getting an error message saying " Setup can't find a driver compatible with the current hardware or operating system." I have downloaded another copy from AMD but this has the same result. Without the ATI software installed the graphics are very unstable, text is distorted and white backgrounds are discoloured. Frequently the motherboard gives a warning beep and the pc freezes up. I'm wondering if this has anything to do the VGA driver as the Device Manager has a yellow question-mark against Video Controller (VGA Compatible). Anyone have any idea how I can get around this problem, please?
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  1. You may be missing some of the motherboard drivers. That MB has built-in video, so you might need to install the SIS video driver even though you are using an add in card.
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