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So i have an amd phenom II x4 925, 4gb of ddr2 corsair dominator and an Asus M4A785-M motherboard. i want to crossfire another 5830 but this motherboard only has one pci slot. Can someone please tell me a suitable motherboard that will use my ddr2 ram and my am3 processor while having two pci 2.0 x16 slots?
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  1. Unfortunately DDR2 crossfire AMD boards are going out of fashion pretty fast. Still, MSI has this pretty good board for a decent price

    MSI 790XT-G45 69.99

    You're limited to 8x/8x rather than 16x/16x though, but the performance difference for crossfireing two 5830s isn't huge. If you really want two 16x slots then you will have to get DDR3 memory, but I say wait till AM3+ boards roll out since AM3 and AM2+ boards will generally not be able to support Bulldozer. I say generally because I wouldn't be surprised to see ASUS and ASRock support a few bulldozer CPUs with a beta BIOS on a few of their boards.
  2. thanks for the answers! I can't decide if i should just upgrade to ddr3 and a crossfire board or if i should still use my ddr2 and crossfire. i think i'll follow your advice megamanx00. ddr2 is going out of style and i could still probably fetch a pretty penny for my high end ddr2 ram and use that towards a new board and ddr3.
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