Installed windows 7 on ssd - HDD wont show up.

So i installed my windows 7 on an ssd today (corsair force gt) and my HDD 5400rpm WD 320gb wont show up under my computer. its detected in device manager and under computer managment it wont let me format/delete volume...
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  1. Did you disable your hard drive before you installed Windows on the SSD? If you didn't it's possible that Windows can't see your HDD because BIOS thinks the HDD is a separate bootable device. I had that same problem when I got my SSD, and it led to Windows not booting at all because it put the boot sector on the HDD rather than the SSD. Try disabling the SATA port that you have your HDD connected to in BIOS and reinstall Windows on the SSD. After that, reactivate the SATA port and Windows should see your HDD again.
  2. agreed - might also want to go into disk management and see if the partition structure is visible. When in doubt, copy the content to an external HDD and format your internal HDD. Master Boot Record on that HDD might be confusing Win7.
  3. You have to set up the drive first. I think it's the MBR like game junky said.

    Is the drive blank? Was the drive blank?

    You could use DISKPART to do a CLEAN function, only if the drive is blank, or you don't care what was on the drive.

    Let us know, and I can draw up a step-by-step for you.

    Like SuperNova said: if the drive had Windows 7 on it, and you installed Windows 7 to the SSD WHILE THE HDD was still plugged in, you have other issues.

    Where is the "System Reserved" partition in Disk Management? SSD, HDD, or both?
  4. I've been having the same issue, I had both the HDD and SSD connected when I installed Windows. But for some reason not even the BIOS can recognize my HDD. Would love to see his and my problems solved
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