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Hi I have a Dell Optiplex GX620 SFF wich I bought used a couple of months ago. I wanted to do a restore ( thanks to my ocd :P ) just cant seem comfortible knowing I bought it used and just want to restore it myself. I have been doing some research but im just not 100% on the process. The computer did not come with any discs and from some of my research I have been doing I have ran into some more problems. For 1 the hard drive has been swithced out. The dell website states the computer to have oem 80 gb hard drive mine has a 180 gb hard drive, wich I guess means I cant restore from the hard drive. The processor has also been swapped from the Pentium 4 to a Pentium D 820. So my main questions are whats the best way to go about doing this, and if im going to run into problems with the bios for the pentium d. Also the computer has microsoft office 2007 is that something that should've been added and will get deleted after the restore or should it have it already installed? I know my post is pretty long and I honestly dont know squat about computers other than my little 2 day research mission. Any help is appreciated, thanks for reading.
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  1. Hi. To do a restore you will need a Windows Disk if the restore partition is not on you hard drive. If you restore your system Microsoft office will be deleted and you will have to buy a copy to reinstall. I think you would be better off leaving it as it is.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I will just leave it as it is. The computer works great just new to computers and a little paranoid I guess :P.
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