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I am building a new computer and have already ordered the parts. I will be installing and putting together the computer by myself for the first time. I normally have the computer store do it for me but this time I want to learn and experience building it. I bought a 1 TB hard drive and I want to partion 250 gbs for drive c and the rest will be storage.

I have seen some videos on installing Windows 7 from youtube and kinda understand it. In the video at Where do you want to install Windows?, I click on New and then I put 256000 mb to create 250 gbs right? Will this be my C drive and where Windows will be installed and I can install games and other softwares?
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  1. Hi tiger0607 and welcome to Tom's Hardware forum.

    If u don't play games and don't use lots of large programs, u are OK with 100GB.

    It is also good idea to separate your documents from the system, onto another partition.

    And I would do 1 more for large files like songs and videos and anything bigger than 3MB.

    It will be less fragmented and your performance will be better.


  2. Close enough, yes. If it doesn't work, let us know.
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