What barb fittings are used for 1/4 barbs?

Assuming 7/16 5/8 tubing uses 1/4 barbs, what kind of clamps should be used for 1/4 barbs? Someone I know wants a 140mm radiator, he's picky :).
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  1. 1/4 is the thread size of the screw part of your fitting, with the Xspc tubing either their fittings or 1/2 fittings work fine,
  2. Would these work together?

  3. Learn how to do fractions.
    Your tubing is bigger than your barb, and the clamps are bigger than the tubing.
  4. Those are the recommended size barbs according to the website that sells them. Anyway the point of a clamp is to clamp, of course it's bigger, it clamps down.
  5. So now I'm starting to understand the sizes. I think I can figure the rest out on my own. But does it matter that the clamps say to use it for their tubing and the tubing says to use their clamps or is that just marketing?
  6. Barb OD and tubing ID should match unless you want to run smaller ID tubing on barbs for a no-clamp look. No real reason to use smaller ID tubing if using compression fittings.

    Clamp ID and tubing ID should be matched. This is because the clamp is designed to close onto tubing OD beginning at a certain size.

    If you stop and picture what you are thinking about, it should be pretty simple

  7. Nice picture Rubix, adding to the sticky? oh, thats right, its already in there If I'd read the stick properly I'd have seen it I guess :)
    @Pie, the size differences there are massive, even on full lock that clamp is not going to give you security,
    7/16" tubing is almost 8/16", which is half an inch or 1/2, so
    7/16" tubing is a smidge smaller than half an inch, get half inch fittings for the loop and soften the tubing with hot water, slide em on and clamp, I guarantee no leaks because thats exactly how half of my loop is set up, on 1/2" fittings
    You ofc have to make sure they are screwed in correctly and O-ringed though :P
  8. melikepie said:
    Would these work together?


    NO! They Won't Work Together

    A 1/4" Barb into 7/16" ID tubing will leak like a sieve and the nylon 3/4" clamp you've chosen will never tighten enough to even hold the tubing on a 1/4" barb at all, it will only tighten to barely 11/16" and 3/4" is 12/16".

    You need to do some serious research and at least know what you're buying.

    Everything you chose in your post will not work together!

    A 3/4" OD Nylon Clamp
    A G1/4 X 1/4"ID Barb
    And 7/16" ID (5/8"OD) Tubing

    Not Da Mama!

    Why would you even consider going as small as 1/4" ID tubing, because that is what you'll need to run on 1/4" barb fittings?
  9. I think he confused the screw thread end with the barbside end hence my original response :P
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