I am putting a system together :
AMD 955 or 965
4 gig ddr3
gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H
600 wats
windows 7 etc...
I play some games,ME, ME22 L4D,ironaman and netflicks,hulu, etc on a 40" 1080p tv (and a 22" monitor)
and I am thinking of a 5670 gddr5 512 (or 1 g)
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  1. Oww 1080p gaming?

    I would manipulate hardware choices to nab a HD 5770 seeing your games aren't resource hungry like Crysis and the like :P
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    I'm with batuchka. The 5670 is not a gaming card. You'd be better off getting the HD 4850/4870 or streching the budget to get a 5770.

    You may want to follow the guidelines from the link in my signature. I already see a lot of wasted budget (the 890 chipset, the X4 955) that could be put to better use.
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  4. thanks,
    will probably down grade motherboard to cover 5770, just liked asb 3.0 (useless right now anyways) and hardware would be able to handle AMD 6 core (again probably a waste) for future upgrade thanks
    5770 it is )
  5. All AM3 boards will be able to handle 6 core CPUs. The 890 chipset will just not need a BIOS update to do it.

    Check out the Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4. It's a great board with USB 3/SATA III support that's still reasonably priced.
  6. thinking about- Gigabyte MA785GMT-US2H-? usually go to tiger dir, and always used gigabyte mb ... been afraid to try diffrent manufacter ?
    crossfire-x would use the new 5770 card as well onboard graphix chip correct? would it be any improvement over 5770 thanks very much for all the help!
  7. Are you talking about the MA785GMT-UD2H or the MA785GM-UD3H? Either way, I wouldn't get either of those boards. The first one is an older board without many great features. A better single PCIe 2.0 slot board would be the Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3, as it has USB 3/SATA III support and is cheaper. The second one is an AM3/AM2+ board, which means it only uses DDR2 RAM. It'd be obsolete before you even order it.

    As far as other motherboard manufacturer's go, Asus is also a high quality brand. Typically, I stay with Asus or Gigabyte. However, MSI and EVGA make decent boards, but just aren't as high quality. They are cheaper though.

    You can Crossfire the onboard graphics. However, it won't be as power as a single GPU in most cases. Crossfire would typically be reserved for using two of the same card to maximize your performance.
  8. I have been reading reviews of the 5770 most sound good... but some scare me.... (i would never figure out driver issues ) would i be better off with nvidia ...I am running windows 7 x64... eevery time they mention 64 bit system the mention system crash

    what is diffrence between 770 and 785 and a 790 northbridge?

    hope im not boring you... .
  9. Pretty much everyone here doesn't care what the Newegg reviews say. They're mostly written by people who shouldn't be trusted with a stick, much less a computer.

    The driver issues disappear. Windows tells you when a new driver is available.

    You would not be better off with nVidia. nVidia cards are terrible right now in terms of performance, price, efficiency, and future proofing.

    As for the differences between the bridges, it's basically just different versions of the AM3 socket. They're basically interchangable. Some older ones (770, 785) may require some BIOS updates to support newer CPUs, and are likely to be missing some advanced features.
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