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Need Some Help With Overclocking - Experiencing Some Problems

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March 17, 2010 4:57:50 PM

i've been testing out some of my graphics cards in my old system before i put my new one together.

I've been doing some Crysis Warhead benchmarks with all cards and saving the results.

Now i want to try my hand at overclocking each of the cards and then benching them and comparing the results.

So far I've only been trying to overclock two of my GTX275's using Rivatuner, Evga Prescision and Furmark for stability testing.

However, it seems I've hit a slight snag, as best i can figure Rivatuner is not detecting my cards clock, shader and memory settings.

Leaving that aside for a moment, when i open up Evga, there is no bar for changing my shader clock settings, this was also the case in Riva tuner, but in Evga, my core clock and memory settings are available for adjustment.

Core clock, shader clock and memory speed are all displayed in the 3 bars beneath the GPU temperature, only Core and memory are available for alteration, however they do not seem able to be altered as when i alter a measurement and press apply, it resets to it's default.

Leaving Rivatuner aside for the moment, does anyone know why i may be experiencing these problems in Evga precision?

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March 17, 2010 5:24:49 PM

To makes things more simple I've uninstalled Rivatuner for now.

I've just tested a GTX 280 and it's the same deal, can't adjust the shader clock, can adjust the core and memory, but when i hit apply, they reset to their original value.

In case anyone is wondering i am adjusting by only very small increments and have tried increments on varying sizes.
March 18, 2010 1:18:55 PM

It was a driver issue.

The 196.21 drivers disabled overclocking functions.

There are some 196.34 beta drivers which have corrected this.

Here's someone who experienced the exact same problem on this forum:

So I just installed the latest drivers for my 2 285s. Everything works great, sli in mw2 without crashes all good and dandy. But a problem comes when I try to use riva tuner. First off when I went to go overclock my gpu the shader bar was not there. so i cannot oc the shader which with the old drivers I could. Also when I go to oc the memory and the core i hit apply and then ok and it goes back to its stock clocks. I used to have it oced 24/7 with the old drivers fine using riva tuner. Also I used driver sweeper in safe mode in between gpu driver installs. and I do not have any other ocing software. the riva tuner is v2,24 which i beleive is the latest one. has anyone else had this issue? maybe found a way around it? i know these drivers are new