Halt on errors : how important is this setting

Hi All,

This is a question on the BIOS setting, which is causing halt on my system.

The error is "over current status deducted from USB port, system will shutdown in 15 seconds", and it does so.

The problem found to be happen when the Printer is plugged in. If we disconnect printer booting works normally.

Now, it seems that if we disable the "HALT ON ERRORS" setting in BIOS, this message will not appear and system will boot normally.

But will the disabling this setting affect the Motherboard electronics? How important is this setting?

Because when I tried plugging the printer in Sony Vaio Laptop it booted normally and OS was up in minutes.

This asked for couple of questions,

1. If this setting is important why the Sony laptop does not have it?

2. The printer has separate power supply (obviously it does not work with 500ma current from USB). Unlike the portable hard drives, Pen drives, etc.
Hence certainly it might not draw power from USB. Hence it might not be disastrous to turn off the HALT setting in BIOS, would it...?

Sorry for long post, thanks for any help. :)
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  1. It's not going to damage anything but if any other problems arise you might be stuck with a computer that's producing an error that you can't see. I'd leave it on.
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