GTX 260 SLI psu recommendation


First time using this but ill be quick.

I'm gonna step up my 2 9800gtx+'s to 2 gtx260.

Will my current PSU Be enough? (Corsair 750w)

Running: i7 920@ 3.8 ghz, 6 gb OCZ Gold @ 1333.

Also, will my cpu create a bottleneck with the new video cards?
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  1. An i7 920 at 3.8 GHz will NOT Bottleneck any card out there today, so don't worry about that at all. Theres not really any improvement in gaming with a CPU thats faster than that one!
    Your 2xgtx260's ought to be fine with that PSU- its a good quality one and will have no problem running those GPUs.
  2. unless you getting the 2 gtx 260's cheaply i'd consider the ati 5870 the sli 260's will be 10-15% ahead but the 5870 will use much less power and supports dx11
  3. The 750w might be pushing it put you can give it a try.

    You can also use this for future reference :
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    The 750 should be NO problem at all. with 60A on the +12V rail, and even the manufacturer recommending a 700W 50A +12V rail, shouldn't be an issue. Most PSU calculators have a fairly large cushion built in, even the manufacturer recommendations generally are fairly cushioned.
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  6. yeay! thanks guys =)
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