ASUS P5Q Pro Upgrade due to Crossfire

I have a P5Q Pro now for about 2 years. Works great. Decided to crossfire my Sapphire 5850. bought a new one (old one is about 1 year old). Problem is the 1st 5850 has a square casing and hits the SATA ports. The new one is longer but not as boxy so I'm able to get it in but it is bent a little. Ideally the new GPU should be in the 1st spot. But the old one just will not fit due to the SATA ports.
My problem is I use all 8 of the SATA ports and want to know what board I can go to without a major upgrade. I want to keep my processor (Q9550) and RAM (Corsair Dominator 8GB). So I'm looking for a new old motherboard with at least 8 SATA ports, DDR2 memory, 775 Socket.

Any suggestions?
Thanks, Steve
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  1. The order of the GPUs (new vs. old) has little (or no) impact on overall performance. When the GPUs are Crossfired, they will synch with each other to the least common denominator of performance between the 2. Not a big deal.

    Have fun!
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