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AMD 8350 not reaching stock speeds

I just recently bought a 8350 and Radeon 7850. After updating my bios and installing both parts I was disappointed to find my average FPS in most games ( GTA IV modded, GW2, Far Cry 3 ) was about the same or less than the combo I had previously: FX-4100 + Radeon 6870. About 25-35 FPS.

I went into CPU-Z and found that my eight core wasn't even reaching its stock speed. For the last few hours I've been trying to tackle what exactly the issue is and I'm thinking it's my mobo. I've considered trying to go into the bios and overclock the 8350 to stock speeds or using AMD Overdrive auto-tune (heard mixed results on the latter such as pc failures) but I'm curious if there is something else I can do before I take that route. Also from what I've read on goggle my mobo isn't the best for overclocking. I'll OC in the bios if necessary but I want to note that my only intention is reaching the core's stock speed (about 4.0ghz). OC'ing beyond that isn't really my thing.

So far I've done a mixture of things such as flushing out all AMD drivers and reinstalled them. I also ran Prime 95 and my CPU passed with no errors.

I'll provide any information I can as I could use some help in pinpointing the problem. I'd prefer not to but if my mobo is truly the issue could someone suggest a new one? Considering I would have to buy a new version of Win 7 my budget for the moment is about $150.

Also I was annoyed that my 7970 didn't seem to be improving my gaming FPS over my original 6870. Is the 8350's current slow speed bottlenecking it? If so, until I can get a new mobo (if absolutely necessary) would I be better off just using my original FX 4100? That was running at 3.8 while my 350 is only reaching about 2.9.

FX 8350
Cooler Master GeminII
Corsair HX 750
Gigabyte M68MT-S2 Rev 3.1 Bios FC 6/5/12
Radeon 7970

From CPU-Z

While standing idle in GW2, max settings
FPS 28 ;/
CPU load around 40%
temp - 30c

Volt - 1.216v
Core speed - 2813ghz
multi - x14
bus - 200mhz

Thanks for any help!
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  1. I think I found the problem. My gigabyte board is optimized for CPUs drawing 95w and because the 8 core draws 125w the mobo seems to be locking it. Looks like I'll be upgrading my mobo then.

    ASRock 970
    Thinking this one looks nice
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    I had the same issue but was running a Gigabyte 970 board, if you are going to overclock get a 990fx board because the 970's have a tough time with the FX8350. Typically the power phasing on the 970 boards is 4+1 or 8+1, compared to some 990fx boards like mine which has 12+2 power phasing allowing for a stable overclock.
  3. Also, yes if it's only running at 2.8ghz itll bottleneck that card in those games for sure
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