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I have a Razor Lycosa keyboard, I have had it for about 6 months now, and its doing some weird things starting last tonight.

Well I was playing BFBC2, and about every 5-10secs my character would start to walk by himself one way or another and the aiming would lag behinhd. Me, I thought it was lag so I was like okay I'll just go to another server with a better ping. (Never had network problems before with any game, connecting anywhere world wide) Went the another server and the same thing happened. I tried a few more servers and I was like what the hell. Well I tried the single player to see if it would do it there, it did. Then I got off and got on Counter Strike Source to see if it would do it there, it did. This problem is really making me mad and frustrated. I found this out just typing on the internet, and it characters on the screen are lagging behind. I updated new drivers and everything, even cleaned the keyboard, and it still does it. It works fine for about 10mins right after booting up.

Here are my PC specs if they help any:

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit.
Intel I7 at 4.0ghz
ATI 5870 at 890/1250
Asus P658D-E motherboard
Tunic Tower Extreme cooler
6gb of Dominator memory.
1TB HDD 7200rpm.
And this Razor Lycosa keyboard...

Thanks guys, Xion.
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  1. Have you tried another keyboard in it or mouse?
    Have you tried another keyboard in it or mouse?

    Nope, but I'll try that right now. I got an old Microsoft one I'll try.
  3. k.

    just tested it and its not my keyboard. It does it with this old dell keyboard also.
  5. tried all the USB ports?
  6. mi1ez said:
    tried all the USB ports?


    Also just try a restore point as well if all else fails. :o

    Also just try a restore point as well if all else fails. :o

    Nope I've tired all them, the same thing still happens.. This sucks alot.
  8. Check the keyboard repeat rate in the control panel.
  9. I have no clue. . . man this is a hard one. Try re-install or no install on the keyboard drivers and make sure the keyboard is getting recognized correctly in the device manager.
  10. Have you run a virus & spyware check? It sounds like something is hitting the system pretty hard to be lagging out the usb ports. It might be something scanning for drives which reminds me, is indexing running?
  11. Hi hax101

    I just got my lycosa about 4 days ago 07-26-2010, started playing COD games now I'm experiencing the same thing that you got. My man would be slewing to the right, across the game image and not responding to the keys at all. Did you by chance find any solution to your problem.
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