GPU Bottleneck

I have
Core2Duo e7400@2.8Ghz
G41 Mobo with Pcie X16 Slot
If i upgrade to 5770 or GTX260 will there be a bottleneck Due to Processor or lack of pcie2.0 slot
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  1. Mos def. Upgrade your cpu.
  2. Dont say that just for the sake of it.
    i dont have the budget for a new cpu. I may go for a Core i5 around Christmas.
    Till then how much would a 5770 or GTX260 help my System. i currently have 9800GT 512MB.

    Pretty much an identical issue. To sum it up, OC the e7400 past 3.0ghz and you'll be fine. Don't know what Starges is talking about.
  4. Looks like you'll be fine to me.
  5. Your Processor will handle those cards with ease...

    There will be no bottleneck due to x16 slot.

    BTW what resolution do you game at?
    And Which PSU do you have?
  6. its highly likely that your CPU will bottleneck either a 5770 or GTX260, But you'd be getting playable framerates so it wont matter to much.
    Just go for it : )
  7. Thanks to all for Positive Response. I play at 1600X900 and i will also get a Cooler master 500W PSU with the card.
  8. Your Processor won't bottleneck those cards.
    Get HD5770.

    Don't get a Coolermaster 500W PSU.CM PSU aren't so good in quality.

    Instead get a Corsair 450VX or 550VX :)
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