Help with choosing a motherboard?

Hi all I recently purchased an Athlon II x2 Dual-core 255 ( 3.1ghz ) processor and while I have tried my hand at finding a suitable motherboard I have to admit defeat. I am working on a budget at the moment but all suggestions are welcome :)

Bare in mind I have a stick of 2GB DDR2 800 RAM which I want to use and a half-way decent onboard GPU would be nice until I can a new graphics card.

Just struggling with understanding compatability and what not. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What exactly is your budget?

    I not recommend install a AM3 processor in a mobo socket AM2+.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, I chose this forum because I found it very informative over the years.

    Budget is quite a loose term, I want to know what the best motherboard is for what I've got atm and I would like a few cheaper alternatives. I live in South Africa so we happen to be one of the biggest butt-holes of I.T. what may not seem inexpensive to some overseas is an arm and a leg here once one considers the exchange rate and the ridiculous markup our retailers put on equipment.
  3. Ok, don't worry I live in Colombia.

    So, I recomend mobo with socket AM3 and DDR3 for better performance. I'm right now in the University, but when arrive my home i can you a feed back of the mobo and RAM.
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