PC Randomly Shuts Down, PSU or Software.


My PC has recently just started turning itself without warning, the equivalent of just turning it off at the wall socket.

I wondered if this is a virus or hardware problem? I wondered if the PSU is struggling with the system. I have done a full system scan using Avast antivirus and it seems to be clean.

The PSU I am using is a Nexus Value 430.

I always thought my PSU was well up to the job to run the following system:

AMD 5050e Athlon X2 - 45W
4 sticks of DDR 2 Ram
DVD Drive
1 Hard Drive
Wireless PCi card
Sapphire PCIe 4670 512 MB Graphics card

I also have a firewire sound card and external portable hard hard drive attached, keyboard and wireless mouse receiver. These are all powered by the PSU.

Recently I got a xbox wireless control pad adapter for the PC, I read this has a massive current drain on a website. It is only plugged in when I need it, is it possible it could have damaged the PSU and now it turns off randomly?

Using Core Temp my CPU temp is at a max of 45 degrees, normally around 35 - 40 degrees.

Any suggestions as to what is wrong with my PC. Is a format needed?

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  1. It could be that the PSU is wearing-out and unable to meet your system's continuous power requirements. If you so not have access to PSU test equipment, I would replace the PSU with quailty 80+ unit, maybe 500 or 550W before formatting the HDD.
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