I5 2500k OC is my Voltage ok?

is my voltage ok? should i lower it? this was auto tuned by Software from Asus all i know is prime 95 is stable but i don't want over-voltage

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  1. Hi,

    Your voltage isn't dangerous and your temps are ok, though I would say that 1.328V does seem quite alot for 4.5Ghz.

    I would personally go into the BIOS, reduce the BLCK value back down to 100 (It's not recommended to increase this), set the CPU multiplier to 45 and manually set the Vcore to slightly lower than 1.328V, then do a quick test for stability.
    If it passes, say 10 minutes then go back into the BIOS and lower the voltage slightly again and just repeat that process until it fails 10 minutes of prime, at that point go back into the BIOS and increase the voltage slightly and test for stability for 12 hours+

    Anyway that's what I would do to get the temps and voltage alittle lower.
  2. ok thanks for some feedback should i set it to manual mode coz i did try seting it to voltage to 1.320 but it went up to 1.336 for some reason... idk why... i has Z77 Asus Maximus V forumula motherboard and not sure how use the Bios in it any run down would be great
  3. its very odd on idle core volt is higher is it buged? says 1.336 but prime 95 runs and it goes to 1.328 even tho its set to 1.320 any advice whats going on?
  4. What you're experiencing is called Vdroop, Vdroop is used to describe the difference between idle and load voltages, you can correct this by enabling load line calibration (LLC) in the BIOS, this should go some way to evening out the voltages.
  5. OK heres what i got ... if i set vcore to offset - 0.005 its voltage is 1.288 but it BSODS about 10mins into prime 95.. i did find something called LLC but was set to auto and could only add or subtrack not sure how much tho.. but if i set vcore to manual it stuffs up the idle voltage... but - offset 0.005 is not enough and + does same issue constant voltage even on idle..
  6. lol well i given up and set it back to stock spent hour's messing with it and well i wasnt happy with constant high voltage i wanted 1.3v @4.5GHZ but i couldnt figure out how turn off constant Voltage during idle too much for my head lol maybe someone has same motherboard as me can guid me
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