ATI 5670 and Fortron 400w

I'm going to buy a new graphics card. ATi 5670 512 GDDR5. I'm also buying a new PSU, because my 2 year old 300w Bestec won't be able to handle it. My question is - is a Fortron 400w PSU good for 5670? (Fortron FSP400-60APN 400W (80PLUS)/ ATX12V v2.3/ Silent 120mm FAN/ Active PFC PSU/ 3 SATA) It's 31$ in my country.

Thank you
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  1. Your 300w PSU would be just fine, actually. Unless you're running a Q9650 OC'd to 4ghz with 7 case fans, 16Gb (4x4) dual-channel RAM and 20-1Tb HDD's.
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