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Hello, i have had a new NVIDA gerorce 9500GT graphics card installed on windows vista. The address bar and icons on the task bar flicker, when i type on google page my typing ends up on the address bar. It is realy annoying me.
Please can anyone help
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  1. What driver are you using and have tried reinstalling?
  2. Driver date is 11/01/2010, and driver version is
  3. What browser are you using and have you tried any others?
  4. I am using IE7 and i have not tried other browsers. This also happened on microsft office
  5. Have you tried IE8 or FireFox? I use FF myself and it works fine on both Vista and W7 and I also use a 9500GT.
  6. Thanks will try. do you not think i there is a problem with the new card as this has never happend to me before. I did not know whether i should contact the company who installed it
  7. You could try that by all means but it sounds more like a software issue than a hardware one.
  8. Thank you for your help, have just downloaded firefox. Will see if this is better over the next couple of days, i will get them back to look at it as it is under warranty for 12 months. I am not tech person, whe i start up the computor not a black page comes up a few times saying signal out of range
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