Asus P5N-T Deluxe + Asus 9600GT

As u can tell from the title, I wanna ask if its worth getting a Asus P5N-T Deluxe board along with 3 Asus 9600gt.

Now I have a single 9600gt and my current board doesnt support sli. I found the mobo (used) at the price of 60$ and the VGA at the price of 31$ each.
So is it worth to pay 122$ for this upgrade?

Just fyi my system right now is:
Asus P5K pro
Intel E8200
Kingston hyperx 1066Mhz 4GB
OCZ Game xtreme 600W
Caviar black 1TB (along with 6 other various hard drives)

Oh and I dont know if my psu can support 7 hard drives and 3 VGA...
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  1. Your PSU cannot handle that load. Not even close. The PSU would be lucky to handle two GPUs, much less two GPUs with 7 HDDs.

    Also, unless you're board states that it supports three-way SLI (or just SLI for that matter), you should assume it doesn't. If you can't use the extra cards, the upgrade certainly isn't worth it. To be honest, I would just go out and grab a single HD 5770 for about $150.
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