Planning on upgrading video and need suggestions on DisplayPort monito

I am looking at upgrading my aging 9800GTX to a 58xx. I currently have just one Samsung 24" (1920x1200) DVI LCD monitor. I am looking to replace it with new monitors and I don't mind going with smaller ones since I plan on using a 3x1 setup. I have been trying to decide which monitor to go with but the selection of DisplayPort ready monitors is fairly limited and I am not looking to spend more than $250 (this is flexible if there is an awesome suggestion within reason) the per display. I have tried reading through the forums to get an idea of what people think but as with most forums the threads go off topic very quickly and no real answers are provided. So, please, if you have a model and a reason for recommending that model please let me know, otherwise start your own rant thread. Also, I am most likely going to use these in a portrait setup rather than landscape as I use my PC for more than just gaming. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I just picked up a Dell P2210h (21.5") from the Dell Outlet store for $160. They also have a P2310h (23") for $200. Dell monitors which start with the letter "P" and end with "H" seem to all have Displayport and can be rotated to portrait mode.

    Stock levels fluctuate, so if you don't see one, check the site later.
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