How can I switch the OS from HDD to SSD?

Hey guys, I recently bought new components to build a new PC, but I didn't order the Crucial m4 256gb SSD until Today, meaning it wont be here for another week while the rest of the parts shall be here tomorrow. What im wondering is, sicne I will be installing the OS on my old drives etc while I wait for the SSD, is there a way that when I recieve the SSD, I can just switch all the files from the HDD over?

For example, I don't mind if I have to disconnect the HDD's and install the OS on the SSD, then reattach the HDDs and manually pull files over. I mean that would be a huge hassle, but you gotta do what you gotta do. But is there another way of doing this? the other Idea that comes to mind, is attaching the SSD and installing it to the system or whatever you have to do for windows to recognize it, and then just simply do an entire copy and paste of the HDDs directories to the SSD?

Also one of the bundles with the Crucial m4 is the addition of a Data transfer cable, am I to assume that the purpose of that cable is exactly what I'm talking about now? that it would make the whole process much less painless etc?

Any info would be appreciated, cheers.
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  1. Generally the way to go is to use an disk imaging system like Norton Ghost to make an exact duplicate of the HDD onto the SSD.

    It will however be easiest to just reinstall the OS when you get the SSD.
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