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I'm primarily a gamer, as far as my PC is concerned, I've got a 5 year old 24" Dell LCD that runs at 1920x1200 ... and I'm weighing my options and considering buying a couple more monitors to make it a nice 3 monitor setup.

So first off, is it possible to get a nice gaming monitor without having to spend a lot of money?

Secondly, I'm seriously shying away from 1080 monitors since it seems to me an additional 120 pixels of vertical space is good ... and I don't care about "High Def" television or anything. But as far as an unbiased look at the situation goes, does it matter?

Thirdly, if I *do* swallow my pride or ego or whatever it is I have tied to the 1920x1200 over the 1080, will it be noticeable if I have two 24" 1080 monitors on either side of my 1200 monitor in the middle? (And will Windows have serious problems combining the two?)

I assume it won't be an issue because I've got a 1280x1024 19" monitor at work next to the exact same 24" 1920x1200 Dell monitor I've got at home, and when I go to scroll from the big to the small, I just have to be further up from the bottom of the screen to make the transition. I'd guess it'd be the same thing on the other monitors.

So any/all input is welcome and thanks in advance.

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  1. You really, reaaalllyy should consider making all of the monitors the same resolution. Especially the same size as well. I'm not even sure if gaming on three different sizes is have to remember, gaming isn't the same as dragging a window. You're trying to convert 1920*1200 pixels on one screen to 1920*1080 pixels on another from the same program.
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    If you are doing eyefinity the resolution would be restricted by the lowest resolution monitor in the set up.

    So if you have 3 monitors and one is smaller than the rest. All 3 would be forced to display at that resolution.

    Third I do not recommend 3 monitor gaming. There is nearly no games that support such wide resolutions. Most games don't allow anything greater than 16:9. A 3 1080P monitor setup would yield 48:9 and most games would just stretch your image 3 fold. Doesn't turn out pretty.

    There is however a third party tool that can force the field of vision in games to give you a full 3 monitor worth of FOV. However that third party app works for a handful of games. Most of them old, the only recent game is COD MW2. So if you play COD MW2 then go for it but if you plan to play many games, then don't expect your eyefinity setup to work for even half of them.
  3. That's good to know. I have this fantasy of monitors on all sides ... games on some, news/web browsing on others, and television on one.

    I guess that'll have to wait for a while so ... thanks for the input.

    I don't play many shooters, so it'd probably be pointless like you say Waffle.
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  5. Going to have to disagree on that 'nearly no games that support that wide resolution'.

    Supreme Cmdr
    Dawn of War II
    Battlefield 2
    Dragon Age:Origins
    Startrek Online

    And that's just the ones I have immediate experience with.

    And these are good too.

    I'm sure as games move 3d environments (not even saying FPS, even 'tabletop' type of games like starcraft are moving 3d).

    So, I'd go as far to say that any 3d game can be made to work with the wider FoV that eyefinity brings. 2d games are a different story (and granted the majority of the games out there) but if you are into those type of games that are 3d rendered, then eyefinity is for you.
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