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Hi there

I have a partioned HD and lately ran a post about my game and video/itunes media player stuttering.
I solved that issue temporarily by setting my bios PCI settings correctly. My HD is partioned with XP and Vista.

My problem is this. Yesterday the machine was running at PCI-E 16 x, today at 1 x in Vista. XP shows 16 x. Why does my Nvidia 8600GTS card keep reverting to 1 x on Vista?? I've loaded latest drivers, rolled back drivers, done everything. Yesterday I changed BIOS settings and seemed ok till today? Reverted back to 1 x automatically even when BIOS has been set to 4 x (max on this Mobo) Anybody had similiar issues??

My specs are this:
Dual Core 3.2
4 Gig DDR2 800 Ram
Vista 64bit / partitioned drive with XP
MSI P965 Platinum Mobo
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  1. One slot is 16x while the other is 4x. I believe the top slot is 16x so try it in there.
  2. It is plugged into the top slot. Why would XP show x 16 and Vista shows x 1 when accessing my system info through Nvidia console?? Same driver version between the Op systems. Is there a setting in Vista that can change this?
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