Three monitor eyefinity with ATI 5770?

I plan to get 3 monitors (LG W2486L, to be exact) and I want to plug them into my ATI card. So obviously I will have to get a Display Port adapter for one of those monitors. The resolution for those monitors are 1920x1080. So is it possible to run those three monitors at 5760x1080 on a single decent (but not amazing) card? And be able to still run games at high quality and get good frame rates? Should I crossfire the 5770? I thought I read some where that eyefinity doesn't completely work on crossfire, but I am not sure.

If I do crossfire, how many monitors would I plug into each card? Will I still need the display port adapter?

Also for three monitors should I run them in landscape mode or in portrait mode?

And my rig is fairly decent and it can handle just about anything.

All help will be wonderful, and thanks in advance.
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    For a 3x 1920x1080 Eyefinity setup, you will need the displayport adapter no matter what the GPU setup you have (unless you have a DP monitor).
    With a single 5770, you could probably RUN it, but you'd be dropping your detail settings and stuff pretty low to get reasonable frame-rates. I would definitely crossfire to run eyefinity with anything less than a 5850. Most of the crossfire/eyefinity problems have been fixed with 10.2, and I think 10.3 will have a few more (10.3a beta was released today, and 10.3 WHQL will be released the 24th I think).

    You will still need to plug all 3 displays into 1 card with crossfire. As far as portrait/landscape, its really just up to your personal preference. Some games also work better in portrait while some work better in landscape, bu you can change them back and forth if you want to.
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