WaterCooling a GTX690 in a Fractal R4 case

Hi All

Im looking for some advice on watercooling a GTX 690, I have a Fractal R4 case.

Would a single loop, to an 80mm thick Rad be enough to cool the card with low fan speeds. I will not be including the CPU in this loop

I am aiming to have a 'Silent' system even under load.

Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 240mm Dual Radiator : Full Copper

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  1. Yes, would cool it fine. What are the other components in the loop?
  2. The R4 is a beastly mid-tower for water cooling, you can easily stick 2 280mm radiators in/on it, one in the front and another on top.

    On topic, yes it would be able to cool the card very well, but I doubt it can be silent under full load. Also depends on whether your CPU cooler is silent under full load.

    I think 2x280 radiators that include both CPU and GPU, and 8 low-speed 140mm fans(push pull) would be quietest. More low-speed fans are usually quieter than fewer/single high speed fans of comparable cooling.
  3. Just thought id update this. Finally got my watercooling setup, with the 690 on a single loop on the 80mm rad in push pull in the front of the Fractal R4 case. The CPU is still aircooled.

    My idle temps are 27 degrees, Load is 50!!! And the PC is Silent at Load! Well impressed, thanks for help guys, appreciated
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