ADSL modem doesnt support Windows 7, BUT.......

i have got this paradyne 6205 modem my ISP people gave me. ive been using it for 2 or 3 years until i got this computer (acer m5800) with pre installed windows 7. unfortunately win 7 doesnt support the driver and im stuck buying a router. but some where i heard that if the driver of the modem doesnt support windows 7 then use modem through ethernet cable. my modem doesnt have a ethernet port but ive seen usb to ethernet adapters.

my question is

1. will win 7 recognize the internet connection and use it with or without driver IF through ethernet
2. is this usb to ethernet adapter some stupid thing.
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  1. You have an interesting point -- I've always thought of USB to ethernet adapter being plugged into a laptop not a USB-only router.

    I suspect that the flaw in you idea is that the adapter will need a driver which can only be supplied if it's plugged into the computer's USB socket.

    Generally, wireless or ethernet connected modems and routers aren't very interested in what operating system you have but USB modems/routers may need a driver.

    I think you may have to do some shopping.
  2. Can you get an ethernet modem from the ISP? They should be able to swap it out.
  3. you can install Paradyne 6205 A 000 on windows 7 using the new driver of this dsl modem
    download it from here:

    but the problem is after installing it in windows 7 how you gonna create a connection ?
    I tried all kind of connections and none of them worked !!!

    very Intresting point is : I had the same problem with windows Vista after a week that I was going to buy a new modem I found an article in the internet with a wondeful solution, to create a dialup connection !!!
    a dialup connection without a phone number worked for me in windows Vista and I have this connection for 2 years now.
    but now that I have installed win 7 again I have the same problem and the dialup connection wont work this time.
    please if you could solve this problem write a note here.

    Thanx alot
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