Crossfire on a 785G match vid card?

Hi all.

I'm not a big gamer but I am a dude so...always looking to unnecessarily "crank up" the volume and needlessly add "more power" for no reasons more than to boost the testosterone levels! LOL

So I have this Gigabyte 785g-based board with an integrated ATI Radeon HD 4200 that supports ATI Hybrid CrossFireX. SO what vid card would be a decent match to go with this? I do already have a 256MB Radeon HD 4670 256MB 128-bit GDDR4 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX video card in another machine...

Would that be a good match or something else be better? Thoughts?

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  1. Pretty much ANY discrete card you add will be significantly more powerful than the IGP 4200, so "matching" it doesn't really matter much. However, matching the rest of your system is more important, and if you are looking to get a bit of a boost in performance, the IGP hybrid CrossfireX probably isn't gonna make a noticeable difference, but getting a better GPU that will match your system reasonably well will make a much BIGGER difference, but we need more info on what you are currently running in your system.
  2. OK...thanks. I thought to maximize the bennies of Crossfire you had to "match"!

    As I said it's a 875G mobo (Giagabyte) with an Athlon II X2 240 @ 2.8 GHZ and 4 GB DDR2 800. Currently running XP SP3 but could install Win 7 64.

  3. A 'native' Crossfired onboard Radeon 4200 is lame. Better to buy a single video card and forget about native '4200' Crossfired.
  4. What about your PSU? brand? model?
    Also, how much do u want to spend?
  5. It is good to match cards when you are running TRUE CrossfireX with multiple Discrete graphics cards, but you really can't match an IGP as almost any discrete card will demolish it in performance.
  6. OK... thanks to you all for the education!
  7. no prob:-)
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