Hyper 212 EVO PnP Question!

Hello, I just ordered a new fan to use PnP (Push and Pull)!
The fan I just ordered is better than the one I have right now, and I heard that I'm gonna put the best fan to blow into the CPU cooler, and put the worser one to blow out of the cooler right? Is this right?
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  1. you want the faster one to suck out from the cpu. you dont want to blow in more air, then you are removing
  2. Just don't pair up mismatching fans your causing more harm than benefit. Even with the better fan in the pull position it will still be suffocated by the lesser fan.
  3. It's not misinformation, perhaps the OP should try both setups. First with just the better fan and than with the the pair of fans (better one in the pull position).

    Wow this is weird:
  4. When dealing with resistance to airflow, CFM's alone won't tell you which is "better".

    You also need a fan with high static pressure. I learned this the hard way when I replaced my 212's stock fan with a silenx fan that had much higher CFM's.

    After seeing my temps go up, I did some research and learned that heat sink fans generally need high static pressure....not just high CFM's.
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