Poweredge 105 vs. DIY for NAS

Team, I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on either a Dell Poweredge 105 or a homebuilt Athlon 140 based NAS system. Pretty much just trying to gather opinion on strengths/weaknesses on the two.
For the homebuilt I am looking at a slim case w/atx-micro, RAID 1 w/ 2x 1 TB drives, leftover 2GB of PC533 memory, and otherwise pretty basic stuff. If I got the Dell Server, I would try to not get hard drives (would look into discount over phone), then I would install the 2x 1 TB drives.
Strengths I see with the Dell server: More power and flexibility for later uses; Possible greater reliability; less work; faster (unlocked dual core) processor; and more capacity to add later hard drives. I also figure I could add a 3rd drive, put an OS on it, and use it as both an NAS and a limited desktop later on if I wanted to.
Strengths of DIY: Much smaller, quieter, cooler, and power efficient (all parts would be very low wattage); Probably cheaper in the end by about 50 bucks or so, possibly 100 bucks cheaper; flexible in the sense that it would be a better desktop (w/ real video card slot, etc.); Kind of fun to build up myself rather than buy.
So anywho, this is what I am going for, basically it's cheap commercial server vs. cheap DIY system. Any input is very welcome. Thanks.
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  1. After building systems for 10 years I would suggest building the system yourself. I like the challenge of getting a new system up and running. I really like having the options of adding this or adding that. I like the flexibility.
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