4870 Running Qarl's Texture pack for Oblivion?

Right, so the other day i bought Oblivion.

The graphics are lackluster, SO i turned AA to 24 and AF to 16.

Still doesn't look great, So i'm downloading Qarl's texture pack (3).

Can it run with a 4870? How will it look?

And how do i get it to RUN?
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  1. Yes. A 4870 is overkill for Oblivion.

    I was running Oblivion with a 4650 on high at 1280x1024, then got a 4830 and maxed out basically everything. I had a 4870 for my computer with 1920x1080 resolution, and the fps was so high it was overkill.

    If you download a texture pack, just do what it says in the instructions (usually replacing files)...if it's a mod, just enable it in Oblivion's add-on pack menu
  2. All right, Cool.

    Also, I've hear that Qarl's pack has broght the GTX 295 to it's knees at high res with AA.
  3. The problem with the texture packs is the amount of Ram they use. A 1GB card is pretty much mandatory. Also, Oblivion has a fairly rough loader, so expect choppiness at times even if average FPS is good.
  4. Uh, I have a 4870 1GB and 8GB of RAM, So, I should be alright, right?
  5. Yes, i was just mentioning it since it might help others who see this thread. Your card should do as good as any. The testing I did showed that a 4850 512mb would run out of VRAM and start stuttering, while a 4850 1gb worker much better.
  6. Allright, Cool. It's downloading now, will post with what happens.
  7. id recommend getting qarls tex pack III redimized.

    looks almost as good, but nowhere near the performance hit. its what i use.
  8. And how is that running with a 5870?

    And link it to me?
  9. Oblivion will kill performance if tweaked enough. With texture packs and ini file tweaks it will look alot better but kill your performance regardless of machine I find.
  10. I don't mean to hijack your thread or anything but, could I play oblivion with the texture pack on eyefinity with three monitors at 1080p and a two-way crossfired 5770?
  11. I have yet to get the pack running on my main rig but sli did afford 32XQ aa filtering (driver heheh) but yes 1GB is hands down a requirement for many games to be enjoyed at max. The rest are only fps junkies who could care less of eyecandy.
  12. I finished dowloading Qarl's pack, and I unzipped it to the data folder as I was instructed by the read me.

    How do I enable it? When I click data files it doesn't show up, but it is in the data files of Oblivion, I checked there and found some mesh and texture files.

    I opened up the game, and everything looks the same but I lost like 40+ frames at times.

    My frames dip bewteen 20-60, before they were stable at 60.
  13. Do you have V-sync enabled ? If the card cant keep up with the refresh rate of the monitor, just for clarity thats if it cant render 60 if your at 60Htz-75 if your at 75 etc, then Vsync will force it to run at intergers of the set number. That would easily cause what you are seeing.
    As S/S said Oblivion will kill performance easily enough if you have it tweaked enough.

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    With Qarl's pack stone textures should look amazing (practically 3D). If you go to a fort and they look boring, something is wrong. I can't remember the instructions (it has been years) but there should have been a readme. You may need one of the mod programs or an archive invalidation, but at this point I really can't recall. And that 20-60 sounds about right.
  15. you don;t need to enable it, as it replaces the default textures. just set the textures to high in the options and it should take effect.

    i haven't played oblivion since getting my 5870, but i used to play on my 4890 (redimized tex pack) and the game was smooth as butter.
  16. Allright, Cool. I'm gonna stare at some rocks, see if they look pretty.
  17. builderbobftw said:
    Allright, Cool. I'm gonna stare at some rocks, see if they look pretty.

    i do that sometimes in RL.
  18. Just a quick note, "high" texture is "large" texture in Oblivion.
  19. Ah, yeh it works.

    The butterfly's look very cool, and I lost like 60 FPS :)
  20. Everything should look much nicer, especially the things in the near distance.

    Have you popped over to tweakguides and tried a few things out from there?
  21. All right here's the deal.


    1680x1050, All in games settings maxed.

    24AA, 16AF, and all CCC setings maxed.

    My FPS was being capped at 60, But I think I may have been at 100+.


    Same settings, With Qarl's pack (maybe) enabled.

    I can't see ,much diffrence's other that going from 60+ frames to 20 frames.

    However, There are soem Blue butterfly's (dots lol)

    And In addition, when rain hit's water, It makes indent's.

    Also, Fire looks cool, but I don't know what it looked like before.

    Is the pack enabled?
  22. i would say so, if you have seen such a dramatic FPS loss.

    you should be able to tell the difference easily though...
  23. Yeh, We did some eye testing at my high school a while back, and I placed in the top "1%".

    So I would think I would notice it.

    However, It looked good before, ( 24AA, 16AF) so maybe I just can't see whats what.
  24. Update, I was in a city, at night, and the grpahics didn't look better.

    I went to the place where you start the game, and the graphics look much, beter, Night and day.

    Thanks Everybody who helped in the thread!
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  26. Too bad my question never got answered. Otherwise your welcome for all of my wonderful input of about nothing.
  27. Well, sorry sparkman, I don't think many know the answer to your question. First off, not many have eyefinity, and even fewer have eyefinity and still play Oblivion.
  28. sparkman said:
    Too bad my question never got answered. Otherwise your welcome for all of my wonderful input of about nothing.

    IF you have the 3 monitors and the Xfired 5770's there is a way to find out !!!
  29. I don't get my eyefinity setup until around November or so. So I will just find out then I guess.
  30. Thanks for bringing this up i have been running Oblivion again on this set up and it looks awsome on a 1080p monitor with enough hardware to max it out, no Quarls but still pretty awsome compared to what i had before. I still have old screen shots from when i did some benchmarking and its stunning the differance that can be seen :D

  31. I'm setting up Oblivion again right now with Qarl's and about 20+ other mods. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm using Oblivion Mod Manager and making all I can into OMODs.
  32. Mostly up and running. RAEVWD mod had to be cut down a bit (otherwise 10-15 FPS), Streamline for purging, Grids loaded at 7. Now I get a decently smooth 20-40FPS and it looks great.

    One thing to Note: DO NOT use MSAA or Adaptive AA with Oblivion (at least for 5800s and 10.3a drivers). It will blur the individual leaves on trees into hideous "leaf blocks". Either use no AA or use 4x SSAA (which is what I am doing).
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