My computer powers but does not show display

Hey guys....ok....heres my dad found a computer on the side of the street and let me have was pretty good looking first when I started it would beep....long,long beeps...every 10 seconds or i replace the power suply....still did it...then i replaced the ram...and it everything fro that point was pretty good exept now im in a situation...where theres no memory test(beep at the start),and i know that the is a small speaker on this otherwise i wouldnt of heard those beeps before....and theres no dad thinks its a bad m/b but i ust want a second opinion...btw the power supply it had was i think compaq(its a compaq computer)....and i swithched it out with a dynex!?
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  1. If you found it on the street, and the PSU and RAM were bad, I'd say it may have taken the mobo along with it too. PSUs can do a lot of damage when they go.
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