X-Fi Titanium sound card update not working

Hey, I just bought the fatal1ty pro series mkII headset to work with my fatal1ty pro card. I hadn't realised the update to the sound card required prior to buying the headset but found out I would need to for access to the mic silencer and voice fx features. I attempt to install the updates and the process goes fine but once I've rebooted no change has taken place in the creative software although my computer says I do have the updates installed. JW if neone else has had this problem and can help me as I am just finding out creative has *** support for their products.
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  1. uninstall everything including the drivers.

    Download this:

    Then http://support.creative.com/Products/ProductDetails.aspx?catID=1&CatName=Sound+Blaster&subCatID=208&subCatName=X-Fi&prodID=17791&prodName=PCI+Express+X-Fi+Titanium+Fatal1ty+Pro+Series#Manualselection
    Bottom of the page, set the right specs for the auto update and then go through the auto update process.

    Their software actually seems to be picky about which order you install stuff at.
  2. thx alkot u just blew creative's support time out of the water and u dont work for them!!! (as far as i kno) lol
    thx alot
  3. lol
    np, hope it helped get things working
  4. thx again ive got the software working just wondering if neone by chance has this headset cuz when i turn silencer for the mic on to filter noise i can still hear stuff like my fan running and wat not through the speaker thats supposed to clear the unnecessary noise. is this normal? am i supposed to be able to hear everything but its cleaned up for others so they can hear me? it just doesnt make sense and im wondering if there is STILL sumthin wrong lol
  5. The drivers for the X-Fi cards are very flimsy. ASUS sound cards are the way to go IMHO.
  6. haha ya dually noted dont think ill being going the creative route on my next pc (whenever the hell that'll be with my broke ass lol) silencer and all that is working now but i think creative's newest console launcher for xp is *** cuz the mic only works properly in games if i use entertainment mode with the previous console launcher which sux balls cuz game mode is so much better when it comes to bass and the little bullet deflections and so on
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