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Overclocking an AMD FX-6100 in an Asrock MOBO

Hey, it's my first post on TH, and I'm not even sure if I have it posted properly. But anyways, I recently make a computer build staring an AMD FX-6100 cpu and a ASRock 970DE3/U3S3 motherboard, and I was very interested in overclocking. Now, I know this motherboard is not a champ for overclocking, and I am no n00b in the tech world, but I am a beginner overclocker. I started overclocking using the BIOS originally, and it seemed stable after a good 3 hours of prime 95 (3.3ghz to 3.9ghz). Then, a few days later, it started shutting down repeatedly every hour, and it took time to realize that the overclock was unsteady. I reduced it to 3.5ghz-unstable. Then to 3.4- still unstable! All of this, though, was done through the BIOS's predefined "OC Tweaker" tab. I would set the clock speed I desired, and it would adjust voltages, etc, automatically. I figure this is not very proper, so I reset everything to default, and today, I started using AMD Overdrive's automatic tuning. It currently has me running at 3.7ghz, and it is very stable and my temps are ROOM TEMPERATURE (70 degrees Fahrenheit). I am using a stock heatsink, but with PLENTY of case airflow as you can tell. My peak temps with Prime 95 are 95 degrees Fahrenheit, so I know I am good on temperature. Now, with all that said, I want to switch from a software overclock to a BIOS overclock, but I am not well acquainted with OC terms, and my BIOS practically renames everything, so I targeted out Tom's Hardware for some help, so that I can switch from software to BIOS. I can supply more information if needed, which I am sure will be needed, but I just wanted to set a basis so that I could receive some great help from you guys! Thanks in advance! Any help appreciated!
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    please list full specs!

    also what voltages did you set for the over clock? the instability, was prolly due to not enough voltage. when you overclock the cpu you have to manually set the voltage. auto wont work! staying under 1.5v is good! lower is better.

    be careful with the stock cooler! if you are staying under 60c (not f) you are good.

    read over this guide it will help a lot! come back if you have questions :)
  2. oh yeah,

    when overclocked take a note of your temps, in the bios. this is your idle temps. then when using your temp monitoring program (coretemp?) make sure they are matching up.
  3. Thanks Mt Power! Cleared a lot of terminology (especially the "reworded" ones), and using that guide, I just successfully ditched AMD Overdrive! I have it at 3.6GHz w/ 1.225 v. I might try to get more, but at least I know I can ditch AOD, as it was kinda a lil' buggy for me (kept changing to Win Basic theme, sometimes booted without O.C.). Thanks for the help though! :D
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