White Lines to right of Text on VGA side of Dual Displays (DVI/VGA)

Two Acer P235H (1080p)
Docking Station from HP 6939p Laptop - one DVI out and one VGA out - no other display ports
Intel Mobility 4 Series Express Chipset w/ driver
Using Acer's own P235H monitor drivers (VGA & Digital), no newer exist.

The DVI-sourced display looks great; as one would expect. However, the VGA-sourced displays a vertical white line one pixel to the right on every black, or near black, pixel.

This is more than annoying and any help mitigating this is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Try another VGA cables, maybe?
    If the same result exist then it could probably the VGA port is in trouble...
  2. I have run through 5 different VGA cables of various makes, shapes, lengths. I have swapped the docking station with another and tested the VGA directly from the Laptop's VGA out.

    It appears to be a VGA-LCD issue specific with my particular monitor, video card, or both together in happiness.

    I also realized this was certainly posted in the wrong forum catagory and will appropriatly move over there.

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