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Max safe voltages on a 7870 hawk. currently I get 65c on vrm and 48c on GPU with 3dmark 11 is running on 1.35v core (max allowed). so I am not restricted by temperatures. I am only worried about damaging the card due to pure electricity such as electron migration seeing that the 7870 has a GPU reactor I think I can be safe at higher voltages but am not sure.
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  1. Hi,

    Seems like you're already pushing the card quite hard with 1.35V, just from a quick search I can see most people staying below 1.3V for 24/7 use.

    I personally don't think the small increase in clock speed you'll get would be worth the risk and I would be looking to reduce that voltage, not increase it.
  2. What frequency is that 1.35V for?
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