Sata 3.0 and Sata 6.0

Hey guys, I was wondering if i could use a Sata 6.0 gb/s hard drive with my Sata 3.0gb/s mobo (my first build).
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  1. Yes you can use it.

    Hard drives are SATA 6Gb/s "compatible", not 6Gb/s "capable".
    Hard drives cannot spin fast enough to saturate a 3Gb/s port, let alone a 6Gb/s port.
  2. The ONLY advantage of running a SATA III (6) HDD on SATA III is Burst speed - This is a very short duration and No real impact on normal operation. So as Dereck47 said - Yes they are compatabler, and you will NOT see a difference if you run the SATA III HDD on SATA II.

    SATA III (6) is more a marketing tool.
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