ATI now or FERMI later?

Hey guys, I'm looking to build a new gaming machine ($4000+) But I'm not sure whether to get the best ATI card available now, or wait for the Nvidia 480 series in a couple weeks. Any suggestions?
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  1. How long are you looking to wait is the question. Its up to you though, $4000 is a big budget so you are looking at top end kit there and Fermi will be worth waiting for to see what card goes into your system, ATI or Fermi..
  2. 2x HD5970 ARES edition overclocked.
  3. shadow187 said:
    2x HD5970 ARES edition overclocked.

    Well then he might want to invest in some waterblocks for those too...... $2000 of that machine would just be the cards, then another $800 for the Intel Core i7...... $500 for a decent PSU to run it all... actually... *** that is quite doable... interesting...
  4. That would be hard to beat. However, with that type of budget (and assuming you are in no huge rush) I'd suggest waiting and seeing what NVidia has to offer.
  5. It's only 2 weeks, might as well wait.

    2 months, no way, but if you're not shy about spending your money, might as well spend it on the best option, and that should become clear by the end of the month.
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