Antec 900 II PSU flip mod

I just finished a transfer to an Antec 900 II case. I love the case. The warmest discharge air is coming from the PSU, and I was considering a power supply flip mod. I emailed Antec to see if I could get a couple sets of feet to raise it up and intake from below the case.

Here's a link for system specs:

Has anyone done this mod, and would you recommend it?

I just wanted to get some advice before I go cutting a 4" hole in the bottom of my new case.

Thanks for your time.
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    Go ahead and try it. If it doesn't work, reinstall the PSU.

    It's not like that hole will be visible.
  2. yah, ... but I'll know it's there.....and I have never sold a used case,....... I have never reused an old case...... hmm..

    damn it, you're right jsc,

    It's brand new and shiny...and, and.....just was wondering if I was the only one that couldn't leave well enough alone.
  3. If your psu is exhausting hot air, it is probably because it is working hard. Can you measure the temperature of the psu fan intake? I suspect that it is not measurably hotter than air outside of the case. I would leave well enough alone.
  4. I have no way of measuring the intake air temp. The best I can do is pull the door off the case for a while and see if the discharge air seems cooler.

    I just got a response from Antec, and they are going to send me a couple sets of case feet to elevate the bottom of the case. I will make a decision when they get here. This way I can still have the "stock" look.

    The only reason I question the need, is that I have been swapping my video cards around, and the temps for the bottom card is always about 6c warmer no matter which card I have in the PCIe 2 slot. I have three total between two systems.

    I'll do some more fussin' to try determine if there is any real benefit. I have a CM Storm that uses the bottom intake, and it seems to discharge cooler air.

    I don't want to hack up a case unless there is a benefit besides appearance.
  5. I modded all three of my 900's for improved cable management. Not a big deal.

    Antec 900 case mods for cable management:
  6. I ran gpu benchmarks with the the door on and off. It seems that I get noticeable cooler PSU discharge air with the door off. So I am planning on doing the mod as soon as the case feet get here. Thanks for the pics, I think I may add a hole for routing the extra leads behind the case, since the PSU is not modular.
  7. I got my case feet from Antec today. I guess I should have been more specific. They sent 8 of the round feet, but did not include the front Panel bottom end caps, that also serve as feet. It was these that I was hoping to avoid making.

    I either will make some extensions or remove them. If I leave them they just kinda float. They don't match the line of the case, and they won't rest on the desk.

    Don't get me wrong, they were sent to me at no charge and I am grateful for the support from Antec. It is companies that actually support their customers that I stick with. So props to Antec.
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