I have 2 SSD.

My 2nd SSD arrived today, and I connected it to my PC. The bios reads the 2nd SSD, no problem.

I don't want to run raid, I just want windows to read them separately (like a C drive, and an E drive). I want to use my 2nd SSD just to store my media files.

When I boot into windows, I only see my C drive, and I do not see my other SSD drive. What could be the problem?

Basically, shouldn’t windows read the 2nd SSD as an E drive?
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  1. I called Mushkin Tech Support, they are very reliable and helpful.

    The gentleman on the phone told me I had to initialize the new drive in windows. I did that, and it worked. Now my windows reads my 2nd SSD as an E drive, which is what I intended.

    Thank you for any potential answers/help for this question, but it is now solved.
  2. click start
    in the search box type "disk management" then hit enter
    do you see the drive in there? if so format it. if not, mushkin tech support ftw.
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