Radeon HD4200 and 5770 compatibility

I recently purchased a Radeon 5770 to boost gaming performance on my PC. The motherboard has a Radeon HD4200 IGP. When I install the the 5770 I get no output from either the 5770 or the 4200. It was suggested to me that I disable the onbaord 4200, however I have an old card that I usually use for it's svideo output and this works fine with the 4200. So I am asking do the 4200 and the 5770 work at the same time or will I need to disable the 4200 to use the 5770.

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    On newer boards usually the integrated disables it self when a dedicated card is inserted in the pcie slot. You should disable the integrated if it does not happen automatically.
  2. Does this mean, the on board has to be disabled for the 5770 to work?
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