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Hey guys. I am wondering the possibilities of building a Dual AMD CPU system with SLI or Crossfire primarily for development and design but on occasion I want to be able to play a awesome game like Crysis 2. What's the feasibility of such a system? any mobo suggestions?
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  1. It's certainly possible.
    Something like a couple of Magny-Cours Opteron 6128s and a socket dual socket G34 ASUS KGPE-D16 motherboard.
    Might not be the best solution to playing Crysis but it let you get in a game or two between work sessions.
  2. Unless the software you are using has specific hardware requirements, like a dual core system, then a Skt 1366 i7-930 with 8 cores (4 physical and 4 logical) should meet your development needs as well as being a cheaper solution. Just something to think about...
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