[Memory] Two memories damaged so far need help


My pc specs are:

Motherboard: Gigabyte EX58-UD3R

Maximum installed memory can be 32GB

There are 4 slots and now im using onlyone of them: 2GB/2304 400mhz ( strange my memory speed is 1600mhz why its showing 400mhz on sisoftware ? )

Now on the motherboard analyze in sisoftware on the memory section it show:
Model : F3-12800CL9-2GBNQ
Technology 8x(1024Mx8)
Speed PC3-12800U DDR3-1334
Version 1.00
Profile: 800mhz optimal 9-9-9-24 5-39-12-6 2T 1.5V

Now i have two same memories both damaged so i took them out now the system is working but with 2gb only!

My pc also have a video card wich is : Ati HD radeon 5800 1GB DDR5

And windows 7 64bit pro.

Now the pc was working fine and after some times first memory damaged i took it out then after some time another one damaged took it out.
Damaged i mean blue screens say sump physical memory i couldnt even load the windows.
And checked with memtest and found errors.

I have now idea why the memories damaged one by one.

Could be over heating? Since i played a lot battlefield 2 and battlefield bad company 2 wich are heavy games.
And now on sysoftware i saw that the system fan is warning and only 43rpm!

But i checked the pc inside its not hot its even cold my a/c is working in on cold and its winter here now!

I didnt find a way to check my pc heating while playing. I can see it before and after but wich program there is that will write into a log the heating of the pc while im playing? Couldnt find any program that will do it.

What can be the problem that damaged me memories?

And now if i want to buy new memories wich are the best for my pc so i can play this games without problems? Wich models excatly i should get? G.skill ot some other company?
And how much memory i can put on my pc?

I guess if it was motherboard problem my last memory now wasnt working too.
Since two days ago i took out the damaged second memory the system is working but slow since its with 2gb ram only!
So what should i do? I want to buy new memories something good that will be compatible my system and that wont make the system to be so hot when playing.
My guess is when i played this battlefield games the memories or something else worked so hard or got over heating and made the damages after some time.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Can you return the RAM to the vendor for replacement? I believe G. Skill has a lifetime warranty that you can use to return the RAM to them for replacement?
  2. treefrog07 the warranty still on even if i removed the memory on my own from the pc?
  3. it should still be under warranty unless you have taken parts off the DIMMs, like the hear spreaders or clips.
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