DVD read speed slooooooooooow

I just bought a set of DVD of tv series. I want to keep a copy of those DVDs as a backup in case of emergency.

Now I have tried to copy with DVD-Decrypter, DVD cloner. In the beginning it was very fast. After certain point, reading of DVD goes down to 0 kb and says it will take 15-20 hours to copy. I am still copying one DVD for last 5 hours and still at 50%

I haver tried 4 different DVDs with 4 pcs and all of them after reaching at a certain point copying takes ages. I haven't managed to copy even one of the DVDs yet.

I bought these DVDs in India though. They play fine without problems.

Can anyone help me how can I rip these DVDs not spending whole lot of time.
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  1. Just found out the reason why I was not able to copy....

    there is 9 VOB files for videos. but 3 in the biggining has some video, then 4 other is .99GB blank file (i think purpose of protection), then another 2 video file which is continuation of the first 3.

    Now I have decided to copy only those Valid VOB files. but the problem is i am not able to play them combined. any tips please?
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