Asrock 890FX deluxe4 RAID 0???

I have 3 seagate 7200.12 250GB hard drives all connected to my motherboard. Apparently, when i set the storage configuration and SATA operation mode (not SATA 3_7_8 mode or something thats under it) to RAID. It Can't detect all the other SATA drives and the number of SATA connections are decreased. So thats why i plug 2 hard drives into SATA 3_5 and SATA 3_6 and another one stretched all the way to SATA_7 for the BIOS to say it's detected when it's in RAID mode.

Okay. so then i boot up and i press Ctrl+F to go into the RAID setup menu and it gives me 4 options. #2 is Define LD and so I press 2 and the Screen immediately refreshes to the same menu page and so no matter how many times i press #2 it doesn't work! #3 delete LD define menu doesn't work either but the other ones do. Please HElP
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    Typically the first four SATA Ports are used for RAID (4 Ports: SATA3_1~SATA3_4); therefore, use the first four ports located CLOSEST to "Dr Debug" LED.
  2. So how come they don't show up as a slot in the bios and says "Hard Drive" ?
  3. I don't know your BIOS, most of the time SATA3 aren't listed like SATA2. You only see them in a post screen, and it's not that unusual.

    How's the RAID coming?
  4. haven't got time to configure it yet...had to return a graphics card...blew up earlier
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