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My main data disk is a 2 disk raid 0, is showing errors, and says "at risk"
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I guess this means one of my drives is going out? When I do a chkdsk /r it doesn't seem to find any problems, but when I clear this error it just comes back. Hitachi's DFT won't work for a 64-bit processor, so I need to find some other software to test the drives. Any suggestions?

I am using 2x HITACHI Deskstar 5K3000 in a raid 0, so as far as I know I need some bootable software.
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    Most drive testing software does not work on a raid set. You will most likely need to break the raid set to test the drives, and you should probably backup the data on the drives asap anyway.

    There are hd test tools in this bootable cd,
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